Possila VRChat Avatar

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Possila, the opossum that can solve practical problems!

Possila is a fully featured avatar for VRChat using the Avatar 3.0 system.

Key features:

  • "Avatar 2.0 style" gesture expressions (can be toggled off in the action menu for when you just want to make gestures without expressing)

  • An expression submenu with the same expressions that are on the gestures plus extra expressions.

  • A 2-way mood slider that can apply four extra moods on top of existing expressions.

  • Seven pieces of clothing that can be put on or off individually.

  • A hardhat for protecting your head in hazardous workplaces.

  • A radio that you can hold in either hand or put on your jacket.

  • A clipboard that you can hold in either hand, both to read but also to show other people (feel free to edit the texture!).

  • Textures that work with both Toon and PBR shaders, giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Various sliders for body proportions and some controls for posing the ears and tail.


Dynamic Bone

XSToon 2.5 (Optional)

Included files:

Possila1.0.3.zip (114 MB)

  • Possila1.0.3.unitypackage

PossilaBlend1.0.0.zip (132 MB)

  • PossilaBlend.blend

PossilaSubstance1.0.0.zip (245 MB)

  • possSubst.spp

  • PossyClothings.spp


2021-04-06: Version 1.0.0

2021-04-24: Version 1.0.1:

- Fixed "VRC Emotes" menu not working
2021-11-20: Version 1.0.2
- Fixed broken walking animation when crouching in VR (no full body)
- Fixed torso wobbling when moving with Locomotion (FBT) turned off
- "Disable Locomotion" button now also works in VR without full body
2021-12-02: Version 1.0.3
- Fixed VRC Emotes broken when in FBT



I want this!

Unitypackage ready for VRChat + Blender file + Substance Painter project


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Possila VRChat Avatar

9 ratings
I want this!